Commercial Insurance

We understand when you are running a business it’s difficult to keep up with all the required insurances. We offer all of the insurances  you would need to start your business as well as protect your business as it is growing.

Workers Comp

We can assist you with your Workers Comp insurance. We recognize the importance of keeping your workers safe and work with several different companies to provide the best cost and coverages for your business.

Surety Bonds

We can help you in located the right suety bond for you. Many contractors are required to have surety bonds for many of the jobs that they do. We try to locate the best coverages at the best prices.

Commercial Auto

Commercial Auto insurance covers business owners who have commercial vehicles under their business. Protecting the owner from any liability and damage cause to or by their vehicles

Garage Liability

Garage liability is insurance that is purchased by a business owner that works within the auto repair or used car dealer industry. This coverage protects the business for liability and or damage to their property.

Commercial Property Insurance

Property Business Insurance protects your building and personal property against unforseen perils such as extreme weather conditions and vandalism.


General Liability

General Liability covers a business from any liability issues such as damages and injuries.

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